Adding Yoper to the mix….

Since Libranet fell a bit short for automatic detection…I’ll be test driving Yoper Linux in its place.  I’ll keep cycling until I find a distro that can live up to MEPIS, PCLinuxOS, and Mandrake’s detection (but only FREE distros).  So, up next will be Yoper Linux…which I hear is damn fast and damn nice to run.  Only time will tell eh?
That will make MEPIS, Mandrake, PCLinuxOS, and Yoper as installed and quick looked at by myself.  After this, we’ll put Fedora Core 3 on and quick look at it.  Then we’ll start all over and look at each distro for a week.  In that week, mrs.devnet will take a look at each distro.  She’s a common Windows XP Pro user and will really put things to the test.  The criteria she’ll be using will be posted after we look at Fedora Core 3…I don’t want to accidentally not include or include something I shouldn’t.  Hang with us!  This is going to be a good test…perhaps we can find out what the best desktop Linux OS is 🙂

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  1. Ok…not common in the sense of the word…but a ‘common’ user of Linux…one migrating from MS to linux. But DEFINATELY NOT common as in plain 🙂

  2. you mean like DEFINITELY is a “commonly” misspelled word?

    (Hehe, i could not resist, sorry.)

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