cAos Linux is out…

Tonight, I gave cAos Linux a try.  I was really interested in it because it had a gnome default desktop with an Xfce backup…it had a nice bootsplash and really looked nifty via screenshots.  It also had a really interesting custom written installer called cinch.  However, after the install, it failed to boot.  So I tried just about every boot option I could possibly try during the install without success.  So…I’ll be forced to trim cAos from the list at this time.  For this experiment, desktop Linux MUST work out of the box.  CAos fell short (unfortunately).

On a positive note, PCLinuxOS 8 came out recently…so I’ll be downloading that and giving it a go here shortly.  I’m kinda bummed that cAos didn’t want to play nice…I was really looking forward to it.  Oh well.  So, up next will be PCLinuxOS and I’ll have a post about my initial impression within the next couple of days.

Author: devnet

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