Experiment 1.3: PC LinuxOS .81a – Initial Impression

After about two hours of fiddling around, (it didn’t seem like that long, I was actually enjoying myself) I do believe this has to be my favorite thus far. The install went smoothly with the only hitch being that it did not want to accept my login name. I was annoyed with that at first but once I got started I quickly forgot all about it and only remembered it just now. Almost everything I have tried to this point has worked without any difficulty or any need for research or advanced knowledge. –This is my bag, baby!!

I’m not going to say much at this point besides the fact that the look and feel is so far the best of the distros I have tested. The real kicker was finding Limewire for Linux in my menu and ready to go. I must say, I sure could have used a pair of “Oops, I Crapped My Pants!” when I saw how much cooler this file sharing program was compared to anything I’ve ever used.

You’ll be hearing from me in a few days with what you can safely bet to be a glowing review for PC Linus OS 8.1a.


3 thoughts on “Experiment 1.3: PC LinuxOS .81a – Initial Impression”

  1. Hey Mrs. D! We (my wife kids and I) really had to bite our tongues waiting until you got to this distro. I have been banging around linux for a year and had just about given up on a GOOD linux OS until I started using PCLOS. Man this distro Rocks! Me and Mr. D have a friendly discourse of Mepis vs PCLOS, and I must admit (shhhh, don’t tell devnet)…I am now running Mepis on my hdb, but hda is my baby, PCLinuxOS. As far as Linux goes, this is as good as it gets for us “technically challenged.” Texstar has written an operating system for “the rest of us”. The kicker?…this is not a finished OS, its still in “preview” stage. I can’t imagine what its gonna be like once it gets to 1.0. Yeah, its got a few bugs, but as far as I’m concerned, it blows the socks off of any distro, even the ones you have to pay for. Knock it out Girl.

    Helios, Mrs. Helios and all the little helioseseseses.

  2. Hey Mrs.Devnet, I love your site!
    I also have been writing a linux blog lately and I’d like to exchange links with you. I seem to be pumping out lots of articles, but you definitely have a quality about your work that’s excellent.
    I hope PCLinux is working out for you, I’d definitely like to see how it turns out ’cause in the market for a new distro myself.
    Yours in the bloggin-world,
    Danger Stevens

  3. Danger,

    Actually, It’s my husbands site…I am just participating in his little experiment. If you’d like to investigate more about what the experiment entails…click the “Reviews” section on the category bar in the top left of the site. Thanks for stopping by.


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