Penguin Pete’s Blog, your source for FUD about YALB

If any of you read Penguin Pete’s last two blog entries [1] [2]…you’ll find two of the most FUD filled posts about YALB on the web. He’s on the warpath…for no reason at all and has begun a smear campaign against me here. I haven’t done anything to attack him personally…yet that’s exactly what he’s done with his latest blog entries. Pete claims I’m a partner with the project and that helios from Blog of helios and I are perpetuating this as a scam
across the web. Let’s get some facts on this topic immediately:

  1. I am not part of this project
  2. I do not collect money or have access to collected money on this project
  3. I will not be part of this project as my plate is full
  4. I’ve posted a single blog entry about said project that was syndicated at various places around the web…this is normal…there are many sites that mirror YALB such as Swik and the Linux Blog Aggregator.
  5. I submitted this single blog entry on who published it
  6. also published this same post
  7. The project is being tracked monetarily by Linux Today’s editor, Brian Proffitt, and’s editor-in-chief, Don Parris. (why hasn’t Pete went to them on this? Are they part of the scam too?)
  8. Ken aka helios is my personal friend and I posted my previous entry as support of his project like any good friend would do.
  9. If I found out the project was a SCAM, I’d shut it down. I host and could snipe it out in one fell swoop. If anyone has concrete evidence that it is a scam other than pure speculation, please email me devnet at

So Pete is trying to draw major correlation between me and this project so that he can lump me in as part of his theory about it. I wouldn’t normally care, but it seems that he can’t stand up to the criticism he’s getting as he’s disabled comments. The interesting thing is he’s referring to it as comment SPAM when he has captcha enabled…which means he was getting a ton of comments he didn’t like and shut them down. He could also turn on moderation (I have automoderation after a specific time here) so that he could catch the offending spammers and publish everything else. I do that here as well.

See, when I blog, I open myself up to positive perspectives like those from avid readers. But I also open myself up to negative perspectives like those from Mr. Pete. That’s fine..he’s welcome to post anytime on this website’s comment system. He’s welcome to trash any topic of discussion I post about. I’ll never disable comments on any article because I do not have to censor anything anyone says to fit my message or make me appear to be right. If someone has a problem with a post…by me posting it publically, I have opened myself up to what they have to say. People are free to respond as they see fit to whatever topic of discussion I post about. It seems that by shutting down comments to his latest posts, Pete proves that he does not have these standards for freedom that I do.

So bookmark it folks…those two entries in Penguin Pete’s blogs can say whatever they want about the Tux500 project…that’s his right. But trying to lump me in with it is an outright lie. It’s untrue libel and FUD. Those two posts are your helping of FUD for the week. Hopefully, you see past it. Comments are open on this post and I’ll answer whatever questions readers have.

Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

18 thoughts on “Penguin Pete’s Blog, your source for FUD about YALB”

  1. But, you’ve been so supportive of the project! And you and Mr. Helios have always been such close friends! I don’t understand… why are you not wanting to be “lumped in” with a charitable cause?

  2. I’m still supportive of it…I’m just not involved in it Pete.

    When I say ‘lumped in’ with the cause I mean ‘lumped in’ as an active member of the project…because I’m not.

    I’m no more involved with it than someone who donated 20 dollars to it…they supported it with a monetary donation and I supported it with a blog post 🙂

    That doesn’t mean I’m not Ken’s friend…it doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of what he does…it means I’m not part of the project and have no desire to be.

    BTW, I wouldn’t call it charity…that doesn’t describe what it is. You’ll have to rephrase.

    If helios has a webpage problem, he’ll give me a holler and I’ll see what I can do to help things out. If there is something web he wants to do and doesn’t know how, he’ll give me a call and I’ll see what I can do to solve it (just like any good host or friend would do). But I don’t have the time or resources to donate to this project…I have too much on my plate already…and Ken understands this 🙂

  3. I was talking about the Indianapolis 500 car when I said charity. That’s all for Linux! I’d be happy to be “lumped in” with a fund-raiser that promoted Linux.

    If he’s wrong then what can he do? Make the car disappear on race day? So there’s nothing to worry about, right?

  4. You’ll have to ask them on that one…I have no more inside information on that project than you do.

    In fact, you really should talk to any of the people on their ‘team’ page over at…I’m not privy to info about the project.

    I’m not worried about anything with the project I can tell you that…but that’s because I know Ken and trust him. Sorry that others don’t but I can’t help them out with that other than helping support the project by posting about it.

  5. So that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, eh?

    You don’t seem to have much faith in the project anymore. Doubtless a conclusion that him and his little bunch would have been reached yesterday, if you hadn’t insisted on posting there to antagonize the matter further. If it’s Mr. Helios’ fight, then why not have him fight it?

    That’s what makes you guilty! You had to go over there and shoot your mouth off on the first post. If you weren’t involved, you never would have known about it. No links to you, nobody told you. So the only way you would have even checked is if you must have been watching him like a hawk.

    I think that’s where the whole problem with you and Pete lie. Just when he forgets about you, you pop up and get in his face again. Stay out of his sight, and you’ll fade slowly from his mind.

  6. Yep…it is helios’ fight…and he will fight it. But like I said, I support what he’s doing and support the project but I cannot be associated as a member of his project team or someone that is privy to insider information on it as your blog post erroneously posted. You really should post a retraction on it if you want to stay factual and keep up what remaining clout you might have with your readers. Keeping false statements up makes you lose credibility and I’m sure you feel obligated, as I do, to your readers to not lose credibility.

    I know each and every time you post on your blog Pete…because you’re syndicated in my blog reader…that’s how I knew about your post…it’s a new thing called RSS…you really should try it. It allows you to be instantly notified when something is published.

    Also, quit pretending you aren’t Pete…your referrer tells no lie on each of these posts.

    I’ll be waiting for you to correct your information about the project though…there is nothing that ties me to this project other than a supportive blog post. You have a duty to your readers to tell them the truth else you lose credibility. What will you do?

  7. Yes, Pete knows that you can see his browser string. That’s why he set it with “about:config”. He’s doing it on purpose.

    Can you imagine that he’s trying to point something else out to you? Perhaps you see how much it insults your intelligence when he knows you know he’s lying and goes on doing it anyway?

    Why do you keep doing it to him?

    Now, just staying out of it and letting Pete give you the benefit of the doubt (remember, he was just saying that maybe you and helios were being scammed by the marketing firm, just before you popped in.) would have been your best choice. But you did’t.

    Because you were involved. And this whole car caper is blown to smithereens, now. Maybe there’ll be consequences for you, and maybe there won’t. Judges decide that.

    Maybe it was your conscience that made you do it. Maybe you were taken for a ride by helios and this marketing guy. Pete set you up on purpose, knowing that if you were uneasy about the situation, you’d dive right into his lap for the bait. You did.

    That’s just how it goes sometimes. But leaving aside the personal squabble, there’s still the fact that Pete doesn’t like seeing his community scammed. That’s a much bigger concern to him.

  8. Fine then. Sit there and make it hard on yourself.

    You’re stoned, fried, and cross-eyed if you think you’re going to pull off such a blatant heist and expect the community to not notice.

    And you won’t help yourself, no matter how much opportunity you get. So damned if anybody should go on worrying about you.

  9. Pete doesn’t know all or see all. He’s not a psychic. He can’t predict behaviour, especially that of someone he’s never met.

    Thus, I can conclude that pete here is looking behind himself with 20/20 vision trying to make himself look much better than he truly does.

    I know for a fact that Mr. Pete hasn’t got the brains to figure out human behavior in this capacity…he’s a coder not a psychologist.

    I posted what I posted because Pete lied. Plain and simple. So if you were baiting people with lies Pete, then you baited good. But I’d be concerned if I were one of your readers…afterall, does someone want to read a blog about Open Source and Linux that is chock full of lies designed to “bait” people to responses? I think not.

    First things first though…Pete lied about YALB and spread falsities about it…and he should retract these falsities. Is he man enough to publish that he was mistaken? I don’t think he is.

    Second, when this project is proven not to be a scam (as I’m sure it will since the Ken I know wouldn’t do that to the community) I’d expect Pete to publish another entry retracting all of the hurtful, disrespectful, and harmful things he’s said about that project. Man up Pete. You’ve gone down on public record and many eyes have seen you censor your readers and now lie to your readers. What are you going to do to restore credibility? The next move is yours.

  10. Great! Thanks for stopping by and showing everyone how reasonable you can be. Your readers will be glad to know that you have no intention of re-establishing credibility with them and that you have no problem inciting lies against anyone not sharing your view or publishing what you think they should.

    As I stated previously…WHEN this project is shown not to be a scam, I’d expect you to own up to your deceit and lies…I know that when I’ve posted false statements here I’ve immediately corrected them. Perhaps you can learn something from this example Pete? If not, you’ll never learn and your readers will notice that you wont.

    I hope for your and their sake you do take notice.

  11. Let me share an update with you Pete…check out this thread over at Lxer and see what Don Parris (DCParris), a minister AND editor-in-chief says about Ken Starks aka helios…

    Scroll down on that page and read what DCParris stated about helios.

    now you know why I don’t need to defend him…his character speaks for itself.

  12. Pete, you’re a funny little monkey. I look forward to seeing your “Truth About 9/11” page in the future.

  13. devnet, I’ve never read such uninformed drivel as penguin petes post on his blog. Another one who wouldn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  14. If I was this penguin pete fellow I would sit back and re-read my post before I send it out on the net.

    I have tried to answer him on his site and I suggest he turn comments on. He could do with some good advice right now.

    What he has posted is libellous and will be considered slander in a court of law. I was going to post on his site that I have never seen someone work so hard at trying to get sued. Hope he has a good lawyer.

  15. PP (pronounced pee-pee) really isn’t worth all this aggravation. He asked me to stop replying to his blog a few weeks ago after I challenged his assertion that people using a buggy OS like Windows would be happier using a buggier OS like ReactOS instead of something like Ubuntu. That’s no way to treat one of your first readers, but it’s no problem. I have better things to do (and more sensible, rational things to read) anyway. I hadn’t even read his blog for months before that.

    His writing style is generally some kind of hysteria mixed with a splash of elitist zeal. Not to mention a bit of hypocrisy in wanting to lure people to use open source software and then whining about it when it becomes popular (e.g., his view that Ubuntu is worse than Windows), especially if it’s not based on command line or eMacs. And, as you’ve noticed, he has plenty of time for self-promotion.

    Being libeled, maligned, censored, unloved, or blocked by him is a badge of honor. Wear it well, devnet.

  16. Oh yeah. Pete lied flat out, and is now trying to cover his tracks. I’ll keep saying it: He has nothing more than a petty personal vendetta against helios. He’s always focusing on him when he rants against tux500.

    He unfortunately appears to be an elitist and believes he is better than anyone else. I’ve seen this type of behavior before, and believe me… he will find a way to justify his own actions.

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