Switched to WordPress

I’ve migrated to wordpress from serendipity. You may notice a few comments have been lost in the migration. However, not much else should be missing. I’ll continue to work on a custom theme for the site during the next week or so.

I may write up a “reasons why I switched” article as well and post it if anyone is interested…but that’s solely if anyone is interested. Otherwise, I’ll keep this as the only reference to it.

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Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix administrator, a Technical Writer, and a System Analyst during his 10 years working with Technology.

  • I’m interested! I think you should do that post.

  • No Drupal?

  • Nope, No drupal. I wanted something that was easy to setup and maintain without giving me a coronary

  • linuxera

    Geeze devnet, and here I thought you liked coronary… rofl.

    • lol You got me, I would really like to have a coronary 😀

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