Disagreements + Groklaw = Deletion?

Open source software. When one builds their site upon open source and with supportive intentions toward open source, they are declaring that this site will have its innards laid bare and have an open policy toward all walks of life, all opinions for good or bad. For instance, if anyone wants any content from this website, they are able to take it at their leisure provided they give credit where credit is due. These aren’t at all a very hard … Continue Reading →

Groklaw and Censorship?

I think I may be on to something here.  I’ve come across an increasingly controversial example similar to what I’ve been posting about in this category.  I’ve posted about censorship in Linux forums and open source supportive websites, systematic categorization of Linux, as well as infiltrating open source and Linux with political and social views.  I’m an avid open source enthusiast…but I’m beginning to become ashamed of being associated with the groups I posted about.  I recently read a webpage … Continue Reading →

Groklaw Not Cached on Google?

While doing the research for an article, I discovered an oddity. There are no cached pages of groklaw.net at google. I tried to go back and see if some comments on groklaw?were in cache but it (the google cache) contains no data even though 286 sources link directly to groklaw.net. That would give groklaw serious google crawler activity one would assume…afterall, this site has only 4 links back to it and it has been cached. One has to wonder why … Continue Reading →