• http://www.rightleftcentre.com John Melling

    It’s good to see some women in opensource development I must say ;-)

    Maybe every line of code is written while listening to this theme song..

    It had me laughing as soon as I saw his smile haha!

  • http://www.jute.idv.tw/archives/414 jute


  • http://reluctanthomunculus.blogspot.com/ kerry


    This video is no longer viewable! Which I must say is terribly crushing in light of your characterization of “hilariously funny”

    I totally could have used a healthy dollop of hilarity this afternoon . . .

  • http://linux-blog.org devnet

    Fixed as requested…Google video to the rescue :D

    Make sure your sound is way up as the sound in this video is very soft.

  • http://reluctanthomunculus.blogspot.com/ kerry

    Sweet Fancy Moses, that is fantastic.