The Apache Rockstars?

Is this the official music video for the Apache Project?

Let’s hope not!!

My wife found this “Apache” video a few years ago and it’s been a family favorite ever since then…hopefully, the apache project takes no offense…I just found it hilariously funny.

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Author: devnet

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5 thoughts on “The Apache Rockstars?”

  1. It’s good to see some women in opensource development I must say 😉

    Maybe every line of code is written while listening to this theme song..

    It had me laughing as soon as I saw his smile haha!


    This video is no longer viewable! Which I must say is terribly crushing in light of your characterization of “hilariously funny”

    I totally could have used a healthy dollop of hilarity this afternoon . . .

  3. Fixed as requested…Google video to the rescue 😀

    Make sure your sound is way up as the sound in this video is very soft.

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