PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta Available

Texstar and the PCLinuxOS crew have announced the availability of the first public beta for PCLinuxOS 2007. Tuxmachines has quite a nice writeup on some of the interesting changes seen with this incarnation of PCLinuxOS.

I sure hope that this release gives PCLinuxOS the attention it deserves. It truly is a wonder in the world of distros for Linux. Powerful enough for those of us that love to compile our own software yet easy enough for many new users to feel right at home.

I previously blogged that PCLinuxOS was rebranding itself for this release with a community elected logo. This beta shows off this new logo which was elected for its simplicity and ability to be recognized immediately. Contained inside the release are many additions made by the Beautification Project at mypclinuxos.com. Gryphen, the project leader, did an outstanding job pushing the team to such polish and precision. Thanks to all of those on the Beautification Team for such a fantastic job making PCLinuxOS revolutionary yet again.

PCLinuxOS 2007 looks fantastic! If you’d like to see what we’re all enjoying, head to the download page and enjoy a Linux like you haven’t seen before 🙂 Please note that this is a BETA release. The final release is due out by the end of this month…there is NOT a supported way to update to the final release…so install the beta on a system you don’t mind losing when the final release comes out!

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One thought on “PCLinuxOS 2007 Beta Available”

  1. I tried out the PClinuxOS 2007 beta today, and I’m MOSTLY impressed!

    I’m a Ubuntu 6.06 user normaly so it felt like a breath of fresh air, it even had WPA fitted into the wireless client (you wouldn’t believe the crap I went through to get my 6.06 on WPA!).

    Its a clean freindly and fast Distro, nice.. the only problem was that it refused to wirelessly connect with either of my networks (saying that the signal was too weak each time even though using 6.06 it connects with 96% signal strength!), but its BETA so I imagine that the final release will sort that.. and I WILL be downloading the final release!

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