CodeWeavers Offers Free CrossOver – 1 Day Only

3 months ago, CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White issued a “Lame Duck” challenge for the President.  If any of those goals were met, he’d offer CrossOver free for one day.  Fast forward 3 months and at least one of his six lame duck goals were met.  Thus, CrossOver is available today only for FREE.

To get in on the action, head over to the CodeWeavers CrossOver Lame Duck Page.

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Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

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  1. Thanks 😀 I’m not as active as I’d like but as soon as I get some time freed up at work (after this month) things should pick up!

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