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I sometimes write articles for other blogs and post how-to’s on different wiki’s and forums.  I would love to publish these helpful and handy articles but…they don’t all deal with just linux.

In my day job, I am a Server Administrator at a medium sized hospital.  This means I deal with Unix, Linux, and Windows servers on a daily basis…but with most of my time spent on Windows Server administration.  Many times, I’ll run across a solution to a problem that is hard to solve and would love to share this solution…to Open Source the information so to speak…but my blog here does not give me platform to do that.  For example, if I published Windows Server stuff on a Linux Blog, thousands of voices may shout “KAHN!!!!!!!” in unison in my general direction.  It’s just something you don’t do.

The bad part about this is that many times when finding a solution for a problem in a Windows environment…I’m thinking of how to properly do the same thing on a Linux server…but the lack of platform for writing the Windows solution sweeps the rug out from under me when I begin to write about the solution in Linux…I’m not happy about that but it’s a fact..

Writing and blogging is a process that is best done all the time.  As you continue to publish entries, you begin to develop a desire to continue to publish entries.  If you go stagnant with your posts…it takes more motivation to get you back to where you’re posting with regularity.  If you are limited in what you write about, that takes away from the spectrum of things you might blog about even more.  I feel I’m limiting the scope of what I could post here on Yet Another Linux Blog…and I’ve set out to correct this.

I still will NOT recycle news in the same way other blogs do…I really don’t see a point to that.  But I’ve begun setting up a new blog to absorb this one…this blog will cover more than just Linux…it will cover all of the areas of technology that I deal with in my job and at home.  I’ve also recruited another writer to assist me in this endeavor to give more perspective to anything and everything we cover there.  I’m hoping that my posting frequency will increase and that readers will continue to benefit from how-to’s and tips that I post.

Rest assured, Yet Another Linux Blog will still exist and posts will continue to be posted.  The RSS Feed will still be active and no change will be required by any reader.    We’ll just be broadening the spectrum a bit by providing other RSS feeds dealing with various topics.  I’m an exchange administrator at work so look to see posts on exchange and exchange alternatives running in Linux.  I also work with Sharepoint servers at work so look for alternatives to Sharepoint posts.  I’m hoping to widen out quite a bit all while continuing the tradition and quality that Yet Another Linux Blog has had since 2004.  Keep in mind, I’m a Unity Linux developer…so I’m not going to stop blogging about Linux anytime soon 🙂

Questions? Comments?  Just drop me a comment and I’ll answer right away.

Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

5 thoughts on “Linux, Technology, and Blogging”

  1. I know the feeling – this lead me to split up my blogs. As a result I have 7 blogs now. Anyway, have you bought the domain yet?

    1. Yes, I’ve bought the domain and have a site up…now I’m just worried about making sure all the links here will seamlessly integrate with the new site. Plus, I’ll be using the RSS Feedburner Migration tool from feedburner so that subscribers from here will be sure to be subscribed to the new website “Linux” category. Hopefully, with a little mod_rewrite-foo and the feedburner assistance, I won’t drop too many readers.

      I can’t afford to…my readership has been cut in half in the past year 🙁

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