Finding Files Modified in the Past Few Days

It’s said that with age comes distinction and wisdom. If we believe that, then we’re talking about people and not files.  Working with older files doesn’t make you wise beyond your years…one could argue that it makes you a glutton for punishment :).  That doesn’t always have to be the case as we can solve finding and working with older files using the ‘find’ command. Recently, I was tasked with finding files that had been modified in the past 5 … Continue Reading →

Linux, Technology, and Blogging

I sometimes write articles for other blogs and post how-to’s on different wiki’s and forums.  I would love to publish these helpful and handy articles but…they don’t all deal with just linux. In my day job, I am a Server Administrator at a medium sized hospital.  This means I deal with Unix, Linux, and Windows servers on a daily basis…but with most of my time spent on Windows Server administration.  Many times, I’ll run across a solution to a problem … Continue Reading →

Broken Sound in Foresight Linux 2.0.?

Sound is broken in Foresight Linux 2.0.4 and above.  This is a sporadic problem…but I know that most HDA Intel Sigmatel chipsets are having this problem (like the one on my Dell D630 Latitude).  It is my understanding that this is a kernel based problem…and if it is, the last 4 released kernels onto Foresight Linux 2 stable branch have not fixed sound. I was able to backpedal to the kernel and had all of my sound problems automagically … Continue Reading →