PCLinuxOS passes Ubuntu

Interesting tidbit of information…amidst all the hype about Ubuntu and Dell PC’s…the little distro that could has marched up to the #1 spot for the span of 7 days.

It’s important to note that the last test release took place 6 days ago…so that could be part of things…but it’s also important to note that PCLOS forums have seen over 700 new members in the past week an a half. That’s quite a bit of interest in my favorite Desktop Linux 🙂 Makes me happy to be part of the team of people that help make this distro special.

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7 thoughts on “PCLinuxOS passes Ubuntu”

  1. Wow. Certainly big news especially with all of the news about Dell and Ubuntu. I’m impressed. I’ll have to download PCLinuxOS.

  2. Of course 🙂

    But fun to look at nonetheless 😀 I really dig that PCLOS is such a small distro but is very well received by the masses.

  3. Not to be a total downer, but Ubuntu covers several ‘flavors’ of distributions on Distrowatch’s list: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, and CE Ubuntu. The Ubuntu label has been losing installs to Ubuntu Studio and CE Ubuntu over the last several months. They’re all still essentially Ubuntu, however, and combine for 4339 hits per day as of a few minutes ago.

    Not to dismiss PCLinuxOS’s dramatic and fantastic rise, which is well earned.

  4. Don’t forget Mint, which is also Ubuntu-derived and is surging quite a bit in its own right. When you add up all the Ubuntu flavors you get pretty close to double the PCLOS numbers.

  5. I think Ubuntu has Come a long way and it deserves more appreciation. More people should start upgrade from Windows to Linux and preferably Ubuntu

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