Site Downtime This Weekend

The site will be down sporadically this weekend.  I’m migrating the server to a new computer.  I host this on my own Linux box that is in a standard ATX case.  I’ve decided to go to a Shuttle case  with it to save space and to look stylish.  Space is always an issue.  Recently, I upgraded to a 17-inch flatpanel LCD monitor that replaced my bohemoth of a 21-inch CRT monitor.  So, more space = happier devnet and happier mrs.devnet.  Plus it is easier to clean and what not.

If you experience this downtime, I apologize and please check back later.  The site should only be down for a small amount of time…perhaps an hour.  The only thing I’ll need to do is a restoration of config files, mySQL backups, and then copy the site files across and ensure permissions.

So, in pure Linux Blog fashion…I’ll post about this and how I did things so that perhaps others can apply this as well for on-the-fly-fast migrations.  Thanks for reading!

PS:  Update on the experiment…During the downtime, we’ll be installing PCLinuxOS 8.1a onto disk as well.  Check back for mrs.devnet’s initial take on this fantastic distro on Sunday or Monday.

Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

3 thoughts on “Site Downtime This Weekend”

  1. I am excited and optimistic about the Mrs. using PCLinuxOS. I am not a geek, I am a linux consumer…I struggle sometimes at the command line and have only recently learned of things such as mcedit and different config files. These things are not usually of great interest to most computer users and PCLinuxOS comes the closest to giving me “the luxury of ignorance”. I look forward to her comments and reactions.


  2. I too look forward to this one. I really think PCLinuxOS has a great future and are headed in the right direction. The only forseeable problems would be installation of software. So far, mrs.devnet has not found ways to upgrade or install programs even with a debian distro. I think Fedora Core will score well in the installation/upgrade category, but most of the other distros will not…we’ll see, I’m going to install PCLinux tonight after the server migration. 🙂

  3. I feel her pain! I am a 15 year Windoze Zombie and suffer from C:/program files-itis. On a new install I will apt-get or synaptic/kpackage a bunch of stuff and about 6 downloads into it forget what I installed, but I KNOW I needed it. When it does not get included in the kicker/menu…it drives me nuts. Texstar has done a good, I mean a magnificent job with his distro, but yes…the newly installed proggies are a problem for me as well. I have discovered the “locate” command at the prompt and that helps some because the UI find box freezes on just about every distro I have tried. I hope she likes PCLOS. I know, for me, it has made computing fun again…now if I can just figure out grep. 😉

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