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SUNny Days

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Sun releases appx. 1600 patents to their new license scheme, CDDL, and declares them ‘open source’. But don’t be fooled…while this is a great thing for open source, it doesn’t mean Linux will benefit from this at all. I’ve been fighting the urge to chip in my one and a half cents worth. I’ve been […]

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Groklaw and Censorship?

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I think I may be on to something here.  I’ve come across an increasingly controversial example similar to what I’ve been posting about in this category.  I’ve posted about censorship in Linux forums and open source supportive websites, systematic categorization of Linux, as well as infiltrating open source and Linux with political and social views. […]

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Why Open Source Isn’t Succeeding…part II

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*Editors note: The following sentence was removed from the first paragraph of #3: “Even as recently as November 2004, there has been talk from the kernel developers about a fork in the kernel” It was removed along with the link to an article from November 2004 due to it being an erroneous reference and based […]

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Why Open Source Isn’t Succeeding

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“It’s not the big that beats the small; it’s the fast that beats the slow.” Niklas Zennstrom There was a time early in the dawn of computers where .edu’s and .orgs co-mingled ideas and thoughts via IRC and newsgroups in a conducive and non-proprietary way. The great ideas that were born from this still thrive […]

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