Knoppix is in!

Kanotix and Knoppix.? Great distros….but not extremely new user friendly to install onto hard disk. However, to be completely fair…many new users are exposed for the first time to Knoppix. So, I’ve decided to include Knoppix in the list of desktop distros for the review. Some may swear and some may cheer…doesn’t matter…knoppix is in. On a different note: I installed kanotix last night and was thoroughly impressed with it. It’s got real potential to develope into a well thought out distro.? It has a great installer you can use that is included right on the disk. I have one complaint…why not put the installer in an icon on the desktop?? Wouldn’t that be simple?

Yoper doesn’t fulfill the bargain…

I gave the latest version of Yoper a try tonight and was not impressed. It’s an extremely different installation.  I was able to get everything installed after a couple of tries to see different options and how they would play out.  However, I could not get either Lilo or Grub to play nice.  I thought that perhaps the media had been messed up (even though md5 checksum was ok) but everything checked out fine.  I tried switching filesystem types because I’ve heard that grub doesn’t like reiserfs much…but no go.  So, unfortunately, the “fastest Linux distro out of the box” has to be put back into the box and out of my little test.  I may have to just remove one distro out of the list.
I’m going to ‘attempt’ a couple of more installs before I throw in the towel.  I’ll attempt Kanotix and Arch Linux to see if things will play nice…I just want another unknown distro to fill in with some of the more well known ones now to showcase it’s desktop.  Perhaps I’ll find it in one of these two.