Solus – The Current Distribution

Currently I’m running Solus 4.0 for my distribution on my main laptop.  What I like about it is that it gets out of the way…everything seems to work out of the gate.  It’s quite elegant in that everything works out of the gate and Budgie is just dead easy to use…and quite stable.

Music works right away.  Videos work right away.  YouTube plays with no issues.  Updates are seamless.  Everything just works(tm).  Honestly, I haven’t had a distribution with this few problems since I tried Linux Mint…and while I’m definitely high on Linux Mint…I get tired of Debian at times.  I know, I know…how dare I!  But, sometimes, I want to challenge myself…just because I know I need to.  In this case, Solus isn’t based on ANYTHING at all in that it has its own base and its own package management and its own packaging system and its own EVERYTHING.  Yet it still is somehow ultimately stable, ultimately fast with great performance, and ultimately fun to use.

I feel I’ve found a home for the time being and I plan on learning to package a bit using the package management system Solus uses (PiSi).  More to come this next week as I’ve got a how-to on establishing a quick software RAID system using Open Media Vault which is my go-to distribution of Linux for all NAS activities.

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