Updates on Kapps

A thousand apologies for not updating my Kwhat? category. I’ve had to shuffle things around quite a bit here at the house (computer-wise) and am now the proud owner of a Slackware 10.X server running on a PII 350Mhz with 512MB of PC100! I had a RAM slot in my server mobo go bad so I was down for a few days while I moved motherboards from case to case. Back up now, but had to reinstall my favorite desktop distro in order to get back into the KWhat? mood.

Not to mention I’ve worked 50+ hours in the past two weeks on big projects. So, now that I have time to breath this weekend…I’ll look to finally getting into the Kswing of things. I hope to cover something I find handy like Kid3, KCheckGmail, and KLinkStatus along side of something that comes installed by default like Klipper (something that most of us see but never use even though it is a powerful little tool). So look for something to pop up this weekend and once again, sorry to those of you who were waiting for me to get my rear end in gear and publish something.

UPDATE: I’ve had some last minute contact with developers and am trying to incorporate this into the article. Please look for this to publish Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve selected Klipper as the KWhat? application we’ll be looking at.

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