Where Will You Hide the Bodhi?

Bodhi LinuxI had a brief flirtation with Bodhi Linux this past week.  I nuked my CrunchBang Linux install to give it a go.  It seemed pretty solid, but after spending some quality time with the distro, I found the version of Network Manager loved to randomly disconnect me from wireless networks…as in, right in the middle of me transferring files, streaming music, and doing tha IRC thing.  Very irritating.

I did a full update to the most recent released version (released in the past few weeks) and found e17 randomly crashing which wasn’t the best addition to a randomly disconnecting wireless connection…and I know that crashes aren’t a problem in e17 since the handler can just restart all the modules and BOOM you’re back.  Regardless, the Network Manager disconnection problem eventually irritated me enough to jump ship.  I attempted connman, exalt, and wicd but I found myself lost.  Since I haven’t used those tools before and the docs very scarce for uprooting Network Manager from Bodhi, it was a stopping point.  No worries, it’s still a great distribution and e17 is VERY fast and looks very good on this 7 year old laptop. However, CrunchBang called me back.

It just works.  Period.

It’s fast.  It’s openbox.  It smells tasty.  Ok, so I made up that last part…there isn’t a smell per se, but rather an overall polish that makes me want to use it.  So, inside a Starbucks in Eastern North Carolina, I buried a Bodhi and set out for home with a CrunchBang ISO.  I promised a review of CrunchBang anyway and it’s high time I started on it.  Let the distro hopping slow down for a while.

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devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

8 thoughts on “Where Will You Hide the Bodhi?”

  1. I tried both Bodhi and Crunchbang recently and although Bodhi looks great it doesn’t have a 64 bit version and once you get past the looks E17 isn’t up to par with Gnome 3 for usability in my view. Crunchbang is great if you’re comfortable with apt-pinning your way to more recent versions of programs and you can live with the very minimalistic interface. I’m looking forward to your review of it.

  2. First off, E17 is a minimal desktop so to compare it to Gnome 3, which, is bloated beyond compare just isn’t fare. Personally, I’m a fan of minimal desktops like E17, LXDE, Openbox, etc. and really disklike Gnome and KDE. The nice thing about Linux is that there are many choices.

    1.  for me, this isn’t a problem.  I am using it on OLD hardware which isn’t 64bit.  Might be bad for those people who have piles of money for new machines 🙂

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