New Host, Same Blog

For those of you that didn’t notice…I recently migrated to an actual domain… ( has now become and host now due to a bit of traffic increase to the site. We had about 10 minutes of downtime overall today. All old links should work and update themselves automatically. If you find any problems, please let me know. Also, I do realize that there are some text oddities in older posts on the site and I’m working to eliminate these. Of course, going back through every single post I’ve ever done on this blog (and Mrs.Devnet’s posts) will take some time.

The main driver behind this move was a real life move that is coming up for us. You may not hear from us too much from around the 12th until after the 17th. Then we’ll be physically relocated ourselves. Thanks for reading and keep that petition alive!

Finals are Finally Over! Back to Linux!

Phew! Finals week for me is completely over. I’d have to say that things were a bit hectic. I’ve neglected quite a few things, mainly the new user Linux experiment we’ve been conducting on this site. But I do plan to make up for lost time. Tonight, my wife will be installing PCLinuxOS 8.1a and taking it for a spin over the next week. She’ll post a ‘first impression’ entry tomorrow sometime. I had meant to do this earlier but the server problems kept me from ‘having fun’ and instead made me pick through SQL code…which took many snickers bars and plenty of coffee.

Another topic that will come into play soon is my installation notes on a Debian install on a Thinkpad 755C. Nothing short of Linux and amazing that this laptop, which was running Win95 when someone gave it to me, is now up and running with Xwindows. Check back next week for those install notes complete with links and directions to go up. These laptops sure are rugged. As soon as I get a replacement battery, this one will become my work horse 🙂

In the meantime, I also have another groklaw article that will be coming into play during the next 2 weeks…depending on verification of a few sources and waiting on an email. Some of you might wonder a bit at why I publish articles about groklaw…if you notice, they are under the category “Great Divide” which is reserved specifically for things I think divide the open source and Linux communities. It is my opinion that groklaw does this in varying degrees. It’s not an entirely bad site…I think they have some good content…but in my opinion the site has the inability to admit when it is wrong. We’ll be taking a look at this concept with a series of articles in that category. Also, please note that I have no groklaw account; There is no political or grokwarian motivation for my writing. I write only about things I see as deceptive, injustices, or censorship…or a little bit of all.

Lot’s on the horizon! Once again, thanks for reading. If you require any assistance whatsoever with Linux or Linux Apps (no matter what distro) please visit the forum and ask away!

Site Update!

The site recently experienced some heavy downtime due to a MySQL problem. I’ve isolated the problem, clipped it out, reformed the database, and brought us back inline. I apologize EXTREMELY for this downtime…I realize it reeks of amateurism and ( *sheepish grin* ) makes me look like a total n00b. The forum is back online after some mad SQL editing over the last couple of days…for some reason the backup wouldn’t restore so I had to go over it line by line to isolate the problem. Luckily I found it after the second day or I would have been lost in SQL-space.

OH well! Life goes on. On another note, the experiment has been on hold for the last few days so that I could bring things inline. I’ve also neglected my email and other stuffs such as the multimedia machine I’m building. I’ll get back to everyone…although I may be a few days behind. We’ll install PCLinuxOS 8.1 in a few days…afterall, it is finals week for my college classes and I’ll be quite busy! Thanks for staying tuned…things will be much more close to normal after this week.

Back up!

We’re back…but the forum has some bugs in it…so I’ll be forced to reconstruct some of the SQL statements. In the meantime, the forum will be down for at least today. Sorry for the extended time down…things took longer than I thought they would but for good reason.

I built a multimedia machine and am installing mythTV on it. I am keeping a journal and plan on posting the results for anyone wanting to use Debian and MythTV. Look for this sometime in the near future.

As always, thanks for reading!

Site Downtime This Weekend

The site will be down sporadically this weekend.  I’m migrating the server to a new computer.  I host this on my own Linux box that is in a standard ATX case.  I’ve decided to go to a Shuttle case  with it to save space and to look stylish.  Space is always an issue.  Recently, I upgraded to a 17-inch flatpanel LCD monitor that replaced my bohemoth of a 21-inch CRT monitor.  So, more space = happier devnet and happier mrs.devnet.  Plus it is easier to clean and what not.

If you experience this downtime, I apologize and please check back later.  The site should only be down for a small amount of time…perhaps an hour.  The only thing I’ll need to do is a restoration of config files, mySQL backups, and then copy the site files across and ensure permissions.

So, in pure Linux Blog fashion…I’ll post about this and how I did things so that perhaps others can apply this as well for on-the-fly-fast migrations.  Thanks for reading!

PS:  Update on the experiment…During the downtime, we’ll be installing PCLinuxOS 8.1a onto disk as well.  Check back for mrs.devnet’s initial take on this fantastic distro on Sunday or Monday.

SpamBlockers and the Blog

The blog has recently blocked a large influx of spam. In the process, some user’s comments were blocked. I now offer them to you here. If the user making the comment would comment on where they originally were posted, I will post that as well. Here it is:

1. [REJECTED: Invalid captcha] – [#29, Name “Darl McBride”, E-Mail “”, URL “”, User-Agent “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0 StumbleUpon/1.999”, IP XX.XX.211.165] – [Thanks everyone!
You all get a signed 8 by 10 and a scox mousepad!]
[2005-02-05 14:58:15]

Sorry Mr. McBride…one other person got their comment snagged by the old spamblocker. They too forgot to enter the captcha (or couldn’t see it). They reposted. Please let me know where the comment belongs and I’ll place it there.