Convert PNG to GIF via Command Line

I installed a bare bones Arch Linux system today and took a screenshot.  With no graphics utilities installed, I needed a way to convert a PNG to a GIF for a Simple Machines forum template thumbnail.  I figured I’d use a command line utility to help me and ImageMagick is installed by default on most distributions.  A quick read through the ImageMagick manpage and I found the convert command and thought I’d share it with everyone.  Use convert in the following fashion:  convert [input-options] input-file [output-options] output-file

convert SMFPress.png -channel Alpha -threshold 80% -resize 120x120 thumbnail.gif

This did a quick, same-size conversion with little loss for me to display the thumbnail online.  For more information on the options I used and other options that I didn’t use, take a peek at the ImageMagick Online Help Page for convert.

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Author: devnet

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12 thoughts on “Convert PNG to GIF via Command Line”

  1. I love convert. Very handy for changing file types, but I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it for batch resize jobs.

    1. It’s funny…when you use KDE and Gnome a lot you forget about many of these command line options that are just VERY powerful and quick. I had totally forgotten about convert and you’re 100% right…it’s handy in batch jobs as well 🙂 Very handy for script writing 😛

  2. I’ve always used mogrify -format jpg tux.png or mogrify -resize tux.jpg 120×120, also from the
    ImageMagick package. This saves an extra step, thanks for pointing out this command.

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