Do you…uh…Use Linux?

Use Whatever You Want

I ran across the flash video above (note: I’m not taking content and embedding it here…you’ll need to click on the image to be taken to the author’s site) a while back and have never posted a link to it.  It’s pretty funny and if you look around on ubergeek’s site, you’ll find a couple of other interesting things like the awesome flash game “Penguin Blood Ninja Fiasco” which I think is just genius.  So give this a look-see…you won’t be sorry.  Guaranteed to brighten even the darkest open source supporter’s day.

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  • Christopher

    Ha ha! Very good.

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  • The Linuxman

    “We were negotiating with the pentagon.” – *lol* Yep, Linux can take you there. What do you think the Pentagon is using, Hmmm? :-]

  • Robert


  • Linux tips

    nice,do you have any idea about what is the work of pentagon???