Host your own webserver for free

A while back, I wrote a tutorial for people who wanted to host their own webserver and webpage…and how they can do it for free. The original site of this tutorial was my favorite ‘for free’ tech help forum,

Not a bad thing to know if you want to host a gallery or fileserver for relatives or friends…or even if you want to have a blog to ‘talk shop’ to others 😉

The most important thing to note is that you can even host a page with dialup…something that I know all to well (go 28.8kbps!). While this tutorial isn’t detailed…you can post your questions in the thread here at Linuxblog Forums and I’ll do my best to help you set your webserver up. Without further banter…please continue on to the tutorial…

Edit: The forum has been taken down.

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Author: devnet

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