I can’t get MySQL to work!!! Something about mysql.sock…

So you’ve got problems getting MySQL to start? You’re not alone. There are a couple of things you can do to get things rolling. Linux comes with a database that tells it how to add MySQL users and MySQL tables. However, MySQL is not started by default…and if it is, it requires that default table to be created before it can run without incident. Here are the commands you can issue to get things going:

cd /usr/bin
su mysql

Lastly, issue the command:

mysqld_safe &

What you’ve just done is logged into you Linux box as user mysql, then installed the default database…and then with the mysqld_safe & command you initiated the mysql daemon to run in the background. So, things should be good to go now. MySQL is running and you’ll be able to press on with things by adding users and databases.

A bit more info for you…creating databases and users can get tedious via the linux prompt. You can use phpmyadmin or webmin to automate this process and save yourself time and effort.

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