Making sendmail a better place

Recently, I’ve had a rash of both [SPAM] and hacking attempts at the site. With this being the case, my intrusion detection system has been working overtime. Something I forgot to do though was to forward all system mail to my main email and user account. So I had to read 5 different email accounts in order to get ‘the whole picture’ To combat this, a very nice little trick with sendmail/procmail can come into play and allow forwarding of all email to the correct box. Very handy…especially if you have rootkit detection software installed such as rootkithunter which is a handy program to alert you to hacker attempts. So this entry will be dedicated to some handy sendmail tips. Most of these tips will apply at a server level…but some can be adapted to desktop. To see the full list of tips, hop into the forum and check them out. Registration isn’t required but would be nice 🙂 (check out the navigation pane at the top of this blog for registration/login links). If you have any of your own tips, go ahead and post them in the forum while you’re there!

Sendmail tips and tricks

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