Print Readable Man Pages

Ever wonder how you can get a man page in into a format you can read and print? There’s many methods of doing it (copy and paste is one) but one the easiest I’ve found is:

man command | col -x -b  > command.txt

Where command is the Linux command man page you want to print/view.  From there, open up command.txt in your favorite gui text editor (gedit, kate) and you have a readable format that could be printed quite easily for reference.

Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

3 thoughts on “Print Readable Man Pages”

  1. IMHO, much better (and easier) is using konqueror as a man and info pages reader; in konqueror’s location bar, type man:command -where command stands for the prog you’re looking for. Then you can browse the man page in a comfortable and nice way (uses CSS so the information looks more clearer), use inlay links (to related manpages), etc. Of course, you can print and preview print results.

  2. That will work great for KDE based desktops! Thanks for that tip! It is true that Konqueror makes life easier for those of us that choose KDE.

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