How-To: PCLinuxOS 2007 and MythTV

For those of you who always thought PCLinuxOS and MythTV would go together…you’re quite right, they do fit well together…though there are a few bumps on the road. Hopefully, this how-to will help you along the way.

First, let’s mention what this guide will not cover:

  1. Remote Controls
  2. IR Blasters
  3. Picture Quality Settings

Why won’t I cover those? Because there are infinite possibilities for each one…and it would be impossible for me to investigate them all…hardware not in my possession besides. So, this will cover installing mythtv and omit the items above. Mythtv has those items covered quite well in their documentation.

Hardware Specifications:

  1. HP a1520n
  2. ATI x300 PCIe VPU
  3. PVR150 and PVR350
  4. Sharp Aquos 37″ LCD TV
  5. USR MaxG PCI Card

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