Broken Sound in Foresight Linux 2.0.?

Sound is broken in Foresight Linux 2.0.4 and above.  This is a sporadic problem…but I know that most HDA Intel Sigmatel chipsets are having this problem (like the one on my Dell D630 Latitude).  It is my understanding that this is a kernel based problem…and if it is, the last 4 released kernels onto Foresight Linux 2 stable branch have not fixed sound.

I was able to backpedal to the kernel and had all of my sound problems automagically fix.  I’m not sure what the problem is, nor how to fix it…but I do know that I’m not the only one with sound problems as of late.  I also know that no one is motivated to fix things right now…as a developer in Foresight, I have heard nothing about a fix for this problem and even my own bug postings have went without comment.

I am attempting to draw attention to this through this post and also by creating a rollup bug listing for all sound related problems in Foresight Linux 2.  If you have a problem, please visit and file an issue there and drop a comment on my roll-up issue FL-1931 letting me know you’d like to link up to it.

Until that time, I’ve enjoyed the silence for 1 1/2 months.  Some users are going on 6 months.  I hope we can fix this major problem.

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