Broken Sound in Foresight Linux 2.0.?

Sound is broken in Foresight Linux 2.0.4 and above.  This is a sporadic problem…but I know that most HDA Intel Sigmatel chipsets are having this problem (like the one on my Dell D630 Latitude).  It is my understanding that this is a kernel based problem…and if it is, the last 4 released kernels onto Foresight Linux 2 stable branch have not fixed sound.

I was able to backpedal to the kernel and had all of my sound problems automagically fix.  I’m not sure what the problem is, nor how to fix it…but I do know that I’m not the only one with sound problems as of late.  I also know that no one is motivated to fix things right now…as a developer in Foresight, I have heard nothing about a fix for this problem and even my own bug postings have went without comment.

I am attempting to draw attention to this through this post and also by creating a rollup bug listing for all sound related problems in Foresight Linux 2.  If you have a problem, please visit and file an issue there and drop a comment on my roll-up issue FL-1931 letting me know you’d like to link up to it.

Until that time, I’ve enjoyed the silence for 1 1/2 months.  Some users are going on 6 months.  I hope we can fix this major problem.

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3 thoughts on “Broken Sound in Foresight Linux 2.0.?”

  1. devnet:

    I appreciate your taking the bull by the horns on this. By the way – it is not just your Intel chipsets that are effected. The Maestro3 chipset is even worse than your – going back 4 kernel revisions has not solved this one at all.

    Also, I agree that there seems to be little interest on the part of the other devs to fix the issue. I find this amazing. Foresight is released as a desktop linux distro – not a server distro. A Desktop linux without working sound is a complete failure in my opinion. The devs need to step up to the plate and fix this, or Foresight as a desktop distro has a bleak future.


  2. Hi
    I'm not a foresight linux user, I have Vista on my computer and I'm not satisfied with it.
    So I had the intention to switch to Foresight linux.I found it a user friendly Linux OS and especially for those, who are not familiar with linux.
    Thank u very much , u have saved my time, I have HDA Intel Sigmatel chipset and the fact that my sound card will not work properly will certainly bother me.
    I hope your problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

  3. Thanks for the comment Billigflüge…

    We've found a workaround for the sound…myself and a few other individuals tracked down the culprit to be Pulseaudio, a program Foresight uses for sound. This can be worked around by uninstalling it with the following command:

    sudo conary erase pulseaudio:runtime

    After that, sound seems to work fine.

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