World of Goo Linux Port Available

I previously spoke about the game “World of Goo” a few months ago on Yet Another Linux Blog.  I was eagerly anticipating the release of a Linux port of the game and attempted to drum up support for the release of the game for the Linux platform.  All the efforts of bloggers everywhere has paid off.  Today, 2d Boy, the gaming studio behind “World of Goo” have released a Linux version of the game!

This game is not freeware…it is 20 dollars to purchase.  it also was one of the most pirated games of 2008 on the Windows platform.  I myself will be legally purchasing the game for Linux in a move to show the developers that free software and open source geeks aren’t just about getting all things free and also to let my money do the talking for Linux as a viable game platform.  If they took the time to make a Linux version of the game (I played the demo on Windows…it’s FANTASTIC) then I would readily buy it for 20 dollars from them.  Thanks 2d Boy!

UPDATE:  2dBoy posted a few updates to their release blog posting saying that Linux sales of the game has broken records for them and has paid for them more than other platforms.  They also state “There is a market for Linux games after all :))”

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2 thoughts on “World of Goo Linux Port Available”

  1. If you look on gamespot, World of Goo has one of the best ratings among the Nintendo Wii games. I haven't tried it myself, because I'm more of an action/adventure player. But for those people who get a thrill out of puzzles, you'll love this game. I know, my friend is one, and is hooked.

  2. It is not free, so we have to burn it down!


    Because of people like you is that we have problems in the free software community. Why are you recommending a game that is not free (as in speech)?

    Seriosly, I'm missing the times in when we used to be real free software users and not assholes like forklifterz.

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