KDE Shortcut Keys

Most people know shortcuts in Windows but neglect to find out shortcuts in KDE when they make the switch to Linux. So, if you have a shortcut in KDE that isn’t covered here…please comment it so that others can benefit from your knowledge! PS: Some of these might not work with your version of KDE…just test them out and see if they do!

Brings up a “Run Command” prompt

Alt-Print and Cntrl-Print
Take a screenshot. You have to paste it from your clipboard

Alt-Esc or Control-Esc
Shows the KDE session manager, from which you can switch to a specific application or log out of KDE.

Switch to a specific desktop.

Alt-Tab or Alt-Shift-Tab
Cycle through your windows.

Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Cycle through your desktops.

Close the current active window.

Window destroyer (every window you click on will be destroyed).

For your Window Menu

This exits KDE but doesn’t save your settings or work.

Ctrl-Alt-Numpad +
Cycles to the next screen resolution available.

Ctrl-Alt-Numpad –
Cycles to the previous screen resolution available.

Hope these help you out…please post any you might have that are helpful and I’ll add them to the list with credits. Thanks again for reading.

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8 thoughts on “KDE Shortcut Keys”

  1. Hi there!
    First thing: nice website!
    I just wanted to say, that ctrl-alt-backspace does not only work in KDE. It does not exit KDE, it just kills the running XServer. So it will always run no matter, which desktop or windowmanager you use.

  2. Hey

    You missed two very useful shortcuts. Alt-F2 and Alt-F1. Nice though.

  3. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace actually restarts X, which has the effect of quitting kde without saving your session. Just a bit more info.

    Helpful though. (I was looking for the run command.. seems like they could make it more intuitive than Alt-F2 but oh well).

  4. what shortcut keys should i used to make the letter N get hypenated. just like in windows alt 164 for n and alt 165 for capital N.

    Thank you.


  5. that was great…
    i have used KDE only with mouse n tonight it broke …
    i got fussy b4 but this article really helped me…
    Thank you

  6. Thank you for your knowladge sharing.but i’m looking for language changing shortkeys.have you know about it(or them).

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