Thinking of Running Windows Apps with Wine?

I still can’t kick the nasty habit either.  That darn windoze just doesn’t seem to be that easy to shake.  While I’d like to get rid of it entirely, there are certain applications that I need that can’t be run on Linux.  However, there is a nice program that most of you have heard of called Wine that will enable us to shake off the micromonster a bit more than we previously could.

Recently, I was cleaning up my bookmarks in mozilla and found an old link I had bookmarked called Frank’s Corner.  I revisited and was delighted to remember that this cozy little corner of the internet helped users to configure and install Wine to run Windows apps.  so if you are ready to cut the MS apron strings a bit more…come on over to Frank’s Corner and check things out.

PS:  Thanks to a reader who submitted the following added links for those wanting to setup wine.  The reader said that by utilizing the search function at the following sites, you have an abundance of info at your fingertips from which to help you get wine up and going/configured.

Thanks for the submission Cristiano Cangu!

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5 thoughts on “Thinking of Running Windows Apps with Wine?”

  1. windows is not that hard to drop i installed linux 3 or 4 weeks ago and havent been back to windows yet i feel ive learned all i need to from windows and now its time for linux only. i havent used wine or anything like that because i dont feel the need. the only thing i found that works with wine is putty.exe which i dont need to use because i have open ssh installed on the computer already.

  2. Wine really is great, but I too cant shake the windows partition from the tree. The important things I need (admittedly, two apps!) just dont work under wine or crossover 4.1. Neither are big expensive mindblowing apps. Ultraedit (shareware prgorammers editor) and my palm desktop. I have hopes for my palm desktop that the kpilot people will reverse engineer the new formats for the latest PalmOS 5 release (they changed the datebook, todo etc formats)..

    Hopefully, sometime soon I will be able to switch 100% then I will be very happy.

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