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I’ve been hunting for a post on how to have KDE “extract here” like Foresight Gnome edition does (it’s really handy to one click extract archives). Post after post found via Google did nothing at all to help me out. Most tried to have you read how to do this manually by creating your own service menu and they would use xterm to extract. I wanted to use ark…mainly because it’s there and it’s a gui.

Then I decided to search KDE-Apps.org and viola! I found it. A handy little tool that allows you to right click on any archive and “extract here” with Ark. Here’s how to install it.

cd ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus
wget http://www.kde-apps.org/CONTENT/content-files/58251-extract_archive.tar.gz
tar xvf 58251-extract_archive.tar.gz
rm -rf 58251-extract_archive.tar.gz

Now right click on any archive and you should have the ability to “extract here” through the extract archive menu listing. You can also “extract to” any directory. Obligatory screenshot to follow. Hope this helps everyone out!

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8 thoughts on “KDE: Right Click, Extract Here”

  1. HI

    I’m using opensuse 10.3 and in Konquerer, “Right click and Extract Here” is there. I’ve not installed anything extra special myself, it was just there.

  2. Mandriva Linux has this feature in the default install…another good feature is the “openasroot”..install from repository…its placed in the Actions on the right click menu…if you are on a folder like /etc, you right click and choose open as root to edit config files……….very handy and useful…..

  3. Quoting Tony O’Brian on linuxtoday.com:

    “I don’t know whether to laugh, or just shake my head. All his supposed searching could have been resolved with a very simple trip to Ark itself:
    1) Start Ark.
    2) Click Setting | Configure Ark
    3) Click Enable Konqueror Integration.
    Voila. Extraction options start appearing on Konqueror’s context menu.”

  4. Would only work if you have the kdeaddons package installed by default.

    Since we’re in beta/alpha for KDE Foresight, I was looking for a way to do this without installing the addons package.

    Thanks for assuming I’m dumb though 🙂 It always works to assume first and then worry about being correct later.

  5. Dunno, I never had this problem. I’m on PCLinuxOS 2008, and installing ark from the repos always does it. Maybe the package is customised to automatically do all what you have mentioned here.

  6. I had the same problem using Kubuntu 13.10 64bits fresh install.
    Your hack worked.
    btw, it doesn’t have Settings option. It has a Settings menu but only for shortcuts and toolbar.

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