Dell Dimension E521 with Linux

I bought a Dimension E521n to replace my server last week. I previously built a system myself with an AMD Duron Processor and an add on IDE Controller so I could load it up with hard drives for a file server. The only downside to this was that the fan I bought for this server I built was loud…REALLY loud. When we moved to a different apartment this past year we lost our spare room (office) and the computer went … Continue Reading →

Old Hard Drive, Bad

I’ve had some trouble brewing at home. Had a 120 GB Share go down 2 weeks ago and I’ve had major problems trying to get my much needed data back from the drive. I lost almost everything as far as settings, passwords, games, etc. But, life goes on right? The only problem is that I’ve had to order a new drive to use for Linux since I’m using the old Linux drive for my main computer which, due to work, … Continue Reading →

Experiment: The Hardware Listing

I just realized that I forgot to list the hardware that we are using for this experiment. I originally posted a small list in a different category here…so I’ll put it here and explain more. Mobo: Abit NF7 2.0 CPU: Athlon XP 2400 RAM: Crucial 1024MB (512X2) PC2700 (underclocked for these tests) HD: Maxtor 7200rpm 120GB, Western Digital 6GB 5400rpm CD/DVD: NEC 2510A DVD-R/RW 8X Video: GeForce 4 Ti 4400 128MB NIC: integrated nforce2 Keyboard/Mouse: Standard PS/2 and Multimedia Keyboard … Continue Reading →