Ubuntu Names Their Desktop After Us?

I was quite surprised this morning whilst reading my RSS feeds to discover that Ubuntu has named their most recent ‘lite desktop‘ Unity.  Surprised because we have our project, Unity Linux.  Strange that both our ‘lightweight distribution and desktop’ and Ubuntu’s ‘lite desktop’ should share a name together.

While I’m not really sure why no one threw up a stop to this in the Canonical brainstorming session that produced ‘Ubuntu Unity’ one can only have a laugh about this and hope we don’t get our pants sued off even though we named our distro first.

If things do get hairy, I’m sure we can change our name to ‘Unity Ubuntu’ or something similar to properly confuse everyone.

So, on behalf of all the Unity Linux developers, I’d like to thank the Academy and give a special shout out to Ubuntu for making our name known!  Thanks Mark!  Oh and good luck with that Unity thing! 😛

* devnet removes tongue from cheek

Author: devnet

devnet has been a project manager for a Fortune 500 company, a Unix and Linux administrator, a Technical Writer, a System Analyst, and a Systems Engineer during his 20+ years working with Technology.

17 thoughts on “Ubuntu Names Their Desktop After Us?”

  1. There is the GTK+/Metacity theme called Unity and another called Unified. Also, has Canonical applied for a Trademark? If not good luck trying to sue.

    1. I didn’t say WE would sue…I was worried THEY would sue 🙂 Also, this post was done for fun 🙂 Mark had a laugh at it 😀

      1. I know, it’s all well and good. We can all now run Ubuntu Unity, using the Unity theme, and we’ll all be unified 🙂

  2. Way to go ubuntu, wow what a bunch of brilliant idiots. Can’t even come up with an original name, no wonder their distro’s such a joke. I’d run Unity over bumtu any day. What a bunch of dweebs.

    1. Well thanks Joe…but Ubuntu did ok on their name I think…it is a Unified UI so Unity makes sense. And like InaTux said above, there are different themes named Unity and since this is a UI, it’s just like a theme. This post was done all in good fun anyway 🙂

  3. FYI the word “unity” is in the dictionary. Something that you’d know if the expression “RTFM” didn’t make your face melt off like the guy in Raiders of the Lost Arc.

    I’m sure nobody in Ubuntu has heard of your personal soapbox LXer, let alone your little nowhere “distro” which is your latest attempt to backstab the entire Linux community. But I can see the attitude at the PCLinuxOS forums improving already now, just because you’re on the outs with them.

    1. Hey Pete, thanks for visiting. You’re pleasant demeanor is always welcome.

      Notice the post above is ‘tongue in cheek’ so it was all in good fun. Even Mark Shuttleworth had a laugh at this…

      BTW, did you ever apologize to Ken Starks aka Helios for the libelous tirade you waged on his character? That was a pretty big snafu eh? Afterall, he did win the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award at SXSW this year for…how did you put it…”the tux500 scam of the Linux community” or “the pump and dump scam”? Classy!

      Sure does cement you in as someone who doesn’t know their tail from a hole in the ground or someone who is so riddled with personal bias that you can’t be trusted.

      Here’s to another year of being wrong again! Keep the misses coming Pete 🙂 You’re batting 0 so far, why mess it up by telling us something correct!

      1. > “Notice the post above is ‘tongue in cheek’”

        Everybody but you can tell when you’re lying.

        > “he did win the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award at SXSW”

        Bill Gates has won humanitarian awards, too, so I guess that absolves Bill Gates from every wrong thing he’s ever done. Swell, I could pay some suck-up committee to give me a plastic obelisk for a P.R. stunt, too.

        1. Everybody but you can tell when you’re lying.

          Says the one who libels a recognized, award-winning community servant and Linux enthusiast.

          If I ever lie about anything on this blog you’ll see a full-page retraction where I apologize profusely…and you’ll never see me CENSOR my comments because I practice openness like I preach it.

          Unlike you, Penguin Troll, who censors each and every comment that doesn’t support your own point of view. I’ll take no lecturing from you on what truth is…Truth to you is anything you say it is and nothing more.

          so I guess that absolves Bill Gates from every wrong thing he’s ever done.

          Bill Gates is a man. Microsoft is a company. Hate the company 😉 It works better and makes you look intelligent enough to separate companies from people.

          Swell, I could pay some suck-up committee to give me a plastic obelisk for a P.R. stunt, too.

          You totally could pay a committee to give you some chumped up award. You should give SXSW a call and see if you can bribe them…afterall, they sure are small beans what with their 9 days of music, film, and interactive events that hundreds of thousands of people attend. Gosh, bribing people would be SOOOO…like…easy! Good to plan ahead Pete! You’ve got until March next year to bribe your way to an award at SXSW…make us proud and show us that it’s possible! 🙂 If Ken can do it, you should be able to right?

    2. Pete,

      Funny how the “cult of Helios”, as you call it, allows you to post in their blogs, yet you deny the same treatment to them on your blog.

      By the way, I never see you on the PCLinux forums. What forum name do you go by?

  4. Pete – it’s ‘Ark’, not ‘Arc’. Also, LXER is a great resource, and Helios has helped many people become part of the online, internet connected world.

    Great stuff, guys. Keep it up!

  5. Hey! Trolls !
    Lucky you devnet …

    btw … this post confirms something : trolls and humour are not compatible !

  6. I would think that you guys should get some traffic from it in the end, and they could not sue you over that if you had the name first. That would fall under prior art or something I’m sure.

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