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PCLinuxOS Reloaded and Rebranded 2007

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As some of you know, I own and operate mypclinuxos.com, which is a community projects website for PCLinuxOS. What some of you may not know is that PCLinuxOS held an official contest earlier last summer to select a new logo. The community voted through three rounds of elimination on this new logo, created by the […]

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Why I Choose PCLinuxOS

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There’s been quite a few postings and articles on new users and Linux flourishing during the past year. The reason I believe this to be is that desktop Linux is approaching or has arrived at the tipping point where it can gain mainstream adoption. People are seeing Linux as a viable alternative to Microsoft. My […]

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PCLinuxOS .93 xorg.conf problem quick fix

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If you’re like me, you change things constantly in your linux desktop. I’m always entering in and tweaking .conf files to see what I can do and where the limits of things might be. In my attempt yesterday to get my EXACT monitor supported in PCLinuxOS, I hosed my xorg.conf file which is where all […]

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Inside MyPCLinuxOS

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I’ve been extremely busy during the last month supporting and starting projects for PCLinuxOS. For those of you who may not know, I am the webmaster for http://mypclinuxos.com. What I desired when creating the site was a place that the community could come to help make PCLinuxOS better. Not that it wasn’t good on its […]

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PCLinuxOS Magazine Releases Initial Issue!

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Normally, I don’t like to rehash the news. However, in this case, I’m a member of the contributors and the admin/webmaster of both development sites for the magazine…I feel a bit inclined to let everyone know about it “It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project […]

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