Experiment: Update!

Hello all! Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news…however, we had to go out of town this weekend and therefore mrs.devnet did not get a chance to experiment with MEPIS over the weekend. She still would like to spend about 2-3 more days to do it the same justice for a review as she did with Mandrake. So…once again, sorry about the delay for SimplyMEPIS…rest assured that she will use the same approach to SimplyMEPIS and won’t pull any … Continue Reading →

Experiment 1.2 : SimplyMEPIS, Initial Impression

I wrote this on Monday, sorry it took so long to post. I had to mail this to myself and post it through Windows because my browser would not allow me to paste this from Open Office, that really bugged me! Anyways:   Okay, I’ve been fooling around with Mepis for two or so days. It is easier to find my way, so I haven’t even thought about using Gnome yet. KDE is working just fine but I will still … Continue Reading →

Experiment: Mandrake 10.1 Community Final Rating

Linuxblog Introduction: We took an average windows user, gave her a handful of distributions of Linux, and forced her to use each distro for one week. We gave her alsaconf, email servers, and mounted her windows partition to the fresh install. Then, we faded away and quietly watched her in her new environment. You too can join us by reading on… Here I am the Average Windows User.I think I’m going to like Linux.That is, if we can work out … Continue Reading →

Experiment: The Hardware Listing

I just realized that I forgot to list the hardware that we are using for this experiment. I originally posted a small list in a different category here…so I’ll put it here and explain more. Mobo: Abit NF7 2.0 CPU: Athlon XP 2400 RAM: Crucial 1024MB (512X2) PC2700 (underclocked for these tests) HD: Maxtor 7200rpm 120GB, Western Digital 6GB 5400rpm CD/DVD: NEC 2510A DVD-R/RW 8X Video: GeForce 4 Ti 4400 128MB NIC: integrated nforce2 Keyboard/Mouse: Standard PS/2 and Multimedia Keyboard … Continue Reading →

Experiment: Initial Impressions of Mandrake 10.1 Community

This is my first entry in the experiment that I have been volunteered for by my husband. I said I would do this because I like the idea of a free operating system and I’ve always heard my husband talk about how great it would be if we could use linux instead of windows. Here is my chance to find out if this would ever really be an option for us. I installed Mandrake today with minimal help. I could … Continue Reading →

The Criteria

I’ve been neglecting the ‘experiment’ for the last couple of days. So, I’ve decided to post the things that will be considered when we review the 5 picked desktop distributions of Linux. This will not be a “normal” Linux review in the sense of that word…instead we’ll opt for a largly ‘new user look’ at how each desktop distro performs for a new user and how it asthetically feels for that new user because, let’s face it, if something doesn’t … Continue Reading →